Commercial auto insurance requirements in Georgia

Do you know what the minimum auto insurance requirements for the state of Georgia are?

If you own a business in the greater Atlanta area then listen carefully.

Or not.

But realize that you can be putting your entire business at liability.

Whether you are a home inspector, a contractor that repairs water heaters in Stockbridge or a Braselton chiropractor and use your car for business then listen closely.

  1. Minimums

    • Georgia requires vehicle owners to purchase liability insurance for their vehicles. Liability insurance pays for injuries or property damage after an accident. As of 2010, drivers must purchase a minimum of $25,000 bodily injury liability insurance to cover the injuries of a single person in an accident. Additionally, drivers must have a minimum of $50,000 in bodily injury coverage to pay for the injuries of multiple persons. Drivers must also purchase a minimum of $25,000 in property damage liability insurance to pay for damages to another person’s property. source

      Please remember these requirements apply whether you are getting an Atlanta, Savannah or an Augusta policy.

    Continuous Coverage

    • The law requires owners to hold continuous liability coverage for the entire time they own their vehicles. The DDS requires proof of insurance to issue driver’s licenses, vehicle registrations and license plates. Failure to provide proof of continuous coverage can result in loss of driving privileges and revocation of vehicle registration.


    • The state maintains vehicle insurance records in the Georgia Electronic Insurance Compliance System, a database system, and does not accept insurance cards as proof of insurance. The law requires insurance providers to Continue reading

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Atlanta Nationwide Insurance Review

Atlanta Nationwide Insurance

Tired of being treated like a child?

Nationwide has been helping provide Atlanta cheap car insurance quotes for years.

nationwide insurance review atlanta ga

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Lloyd Pro Group Review

Atlanta Auto Insurance Agency Lloyd Pro Group Review

LPG has been providing affordable car insurance quotes Atlanta since 1985!

Lloyd Pro Group | Nationwide Insurance
2675 Breckinridge Blvd, Suite 100, Duluth, GA 30096
Phone: 770-497-1200     Fax: 770-814-7187

Did YOU know that Lloyd Pro Group has been has been helping the greater Atlanta area save money Continue reading

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The most popular cars in Georgia

Do you know what the most popular car in Georgia is?

Georgia loves its pick up trucks, don’t they? It is no surprise that Pick up trucks and SUV’s rule for the most popular vehicles in the nation. Here is a list for each state in the US thanks to USA today:

Alaska: F150

Alabama: F150

Arkansas: Sierra 1500

California: Civic

Colorado: Outback

Connecticut: Rogue

Washington, D.C.: Civic

Delaware: Silverado 1500

Florida: Corolla

Georgia: ??

Hawaii: Tacoma

Iowa: Silverado 1500

Idaho: F150

Illinois: CR-V

Indiana: Silverado 1500

Kansas: F150

Kentucky: F150

Louisiana: F150

Massachusetts: RAV4

Maryland: CR-V

Maine: Silverado 1500

Michigan: Escape

Minnesota: F150

Missouri: F150

Mississippi: F150

Montana: F150

North Carolina: Accord

North Dakota: F150

Nebraska: F150

New Hampshire: Silverado 1500

New Jersey: CR-V

New Mexico: F150

Nevada: RAV4

New York: Rogue

Ohio: Civic

Oklahoma: F150

Oregon: Outback

Pennsylvania: CR-V

Puerto Rico: Yaris

Rhode Island: RAV4

South Carolina: F150

South Dakota: F150

Tennessee: F150

Texas: F150

Utah: F150

Virginia: CR-V

Vermont: RAV4

Washington: Outback

Wisconsin: Silverado 1500

West Virginia: Silverado 1500

Wyoming: F150

According to the Kelly Blue book Sedans are losing popularity – Even the Toyota Camry.

What about right here in Georgia? What is the number 1 car here in the Peach state? You guessed it… It is the Ford F150 pickup truck. Now if I only had a $1.00 for each one I see today in my commute to Atlanta!

The staff at

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Progressive insurance in Atlanta Ga

Atlanta Progressive Insurance Review


progressive insurance atlanta review

Atlanta progressive insurance agency

Before you chose an agency to buy Progressive insurance in Atlanta from please read this.

Progressive insurance was started in 1937 and is one of the largest providers of car insurance in the USA.

Since they also write policies for motorcycles, boats, RVs and commercial vehicles it would make sense to talk to them about getting discounts for multiple policies.

Did you know there are over 13,000,000 policies out there written by Progressive?

Combine that with over 30,000 independent insurance agencies out there it could get confusing as to which one you should choose as your personal agent to write your home and car insurance.

Have you heard of SNAPSHOT?

What is snapshot?

Snapshot is Progressive’s Pay As You Drive program.

IMAGINE only paying for the insurance You use.

How does Snap Shot work?

It is a voluntary discount program where drivers can save money on their car insurance by sharing their driving habits with Progressive.

Imagine plugging a device the size of a garage door opener into the on-board diagnostic port of their car.

This little device then records and sends your driving data to Progressive.

After 30 days, drivers can find out if they’re eligible for a discount.

Just suppose you could save up to 30 percent – based on your 30-day “snapshot” of driving habits.

Is Snapshot for everyone?

Snapshot is best for people who:

  • drive less
  • in safer ways
  • and during safer times of day

Give an Atlanta insurance company a chance to show you how Progressive can save you money on your auto insurance policies.

 Progressive should they decide not to engage in the program after receiving it. [14]

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2015 honda fit sneak preview

 Here is a 2015 honda fit sneak preview from the auto show

2015 honda fit review

 Here are some comments from around the web on the latest changes to the FIT.

“It’s still small, but Honda found ways to make more room inside its popular Fit while adding some pizzazz to the front and high-end amenities in a new model presented Monday.

One of the most anticipated introductions at the Detroit Auto Show, the new Fit was technically a tad shorter and wider, but the gains of inside legroom made it feel like a much more generous mid-sized saloon.” source

And yes, for the Fit fanatics there are still the Magic Continue reading

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