Does Georgia RANK in the top 10 list Of Traffic Jam cities?

So how does Georgia rank in this top 10 list Of Traffic Jam and traffic congested cities?

As crowded as Atlanta can get on a Friday afternoon in Rush hour you might expect to see Atlanta win a spot in one the top 10 spots in this infographic.

Well YOU would be right.

Not sure if that is something to be PROUD of 🙁

Does Georgia rank in top 1 list of traffic jam cities?

Well here is the top 10 in order with the accumilated annual wasted commute time per city

  1. Chicago – 70 hrs
  2. Washington DC 68 hrs
  3. Los Angeles 63 hrs
  4. Houston 58 hrs
  5. San Francisco 49 hrs
  6. Boston 48 hrs
  7. Dallas 48 hrs
  8. Seattle 44 hrs
  9. Atlanta 44 hrs
  10. New York 42 hours

How does that Atlanta Commute translate to dollars and cents?

“With an average commute distance of 35 miles in metro Atlanta, individuals that commute alone spend approximately $16.45 per day, $362 per month for their transportation to and from the office. (Based on AAA’s 2012 national average cost per mile of 47 cents per mile for operating and ownership costs, when a vehicle is driven 15,000 miles/year.)” source

One local resident interviewed said that Atlanta’s traffic requires that you set PLENTY of extra time when traveling to appointments.

Here comedian Anjelah Johsnon asks Atlanta to rise up to the challenge of taking 18,000 cars off the road each day by eliminating SOV’s or “Single Occupancy Vehicles” by trying carpooling!

Here Tedra Cheatham, executive director of The Clean Air Campaign, comments on commuter options in Metro Atlanta in September 2012 and beyond.

In conclusion you can save time, energy and money by car pooling or telecommuting.

Why not take some of the advice from the Clean Air Campaign and do your part to eliminate traffic in Atlanta, the most traffic jam congested city in Georgia!

When YOU apply these suggestions you also may save on your automobile insurance! Remember they ask you how many miles you commute to work!

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