The most popular cars in Georgia

Do you know what the most popular car in Georgia is?

Georgia loves its pick up trucks, don’t they? It is no surprise that Pick up trucks and SUV’s rule for the most popular vehicles in the nation. Here is a list for each state in the US thanks to USA today:

Alaska: F150

Alabama: F150

Arkansas: Sierra 1500

California: Civic

Colorado: Outback

Connecticut: Rogue

Washington, D.C.: Civic

Delaware: Silverado 1500

Florida: Corolla

Georgia: ??

Hawaii: Tacoma

Iowa: Silverado 1500

Idaho: F150

Illinois: CR-V

Indiana: Silverado 1500

Kansas: F150

Kentucky: F150

Louisiana: F150

Massachusetts: RAV4

Maryland: CR-V

Maine: Silverado 1500

Michigan: Escape

Minnesota: F150

Missouri: F150

Mississippi: F150

Montana: F150

North Carolina: Accord

North Dakota: F150

Nebraska: F150

New Hampshire: Silverado 1500

New Jersey: CR-V

New Mexico: F150

Nevada: RAV4

New York: Rogue

Ohio: Civic

Oklahoma: F150

Oregon: Outback

Pennsylvania: CR-V

Puerto Rico: Yaris

Rhode Island: RAV4

South Carolina: F150

South Dakota: F150

Tennessee: F150

Texas: F150

Utah: F150

Virginia: CR-V

Vermont: RAV4

Washington: Outback

Wisconsin: Silverado 1500

West Virginia: Silverado 1500

Wyoming: F150

According to the Kelly Blue book Sedans are losing popularity – Even the Toyota Camry.

What about right here in Georgia? What is the number 1 car here in the Peach state? You guessed it… It is the Ford F150 pickup truck. Now if I only had a $1.00 for each one I see today in my commute to Atlanta!

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